Composable jewellery is at the heart of Nomination: the Composable bracelet was the brand’s first creation and it was a true innovation in the jewellery industry. Composable contributed to the democratization of jewellery by introducing valuable stainless steel, a metal which, up until that point, wasn’t used in jewellery making. Together with stainless steel, precious details in gold were added: first came the collection of letters, followed by symbols dedicated to the most significant events. Today the collection of Composable Links includes tons of options, thus allowing you to express what you’re feeling in every moment. The accessories from the Composable Collection are a true method of communication. Each Link contains a symbol, a letter, or an inscription which lets you express your personality through your look, and which also allows you to give a special message to someone you love. Discover all our personalisable jewellery and choose the ones which best reflect you and your relationships.